Vision & Mission


MBD International School is to create an ambience in which each student is nurtured like a sapling - making him intellectually sound, academically brilliant, and ethically moral and above all giving him a stimulating holistic environment. Our prime motive is to accomplish the prime endeavour of serving the society on the economic, pedagogic, social and rganisational front. We want our students to be omnipotent in all areas of expertise and we pledge to inculcate core values of discipline, respect and tolerance in each one.

  • Strive for excellence in Academics, Sports, Creative pursuits and Skills.
  • Provide the best infrastructure and technology in emerging fields of study and knowledge.
  • Constantly raise our bench marks to integrate our culture & heritage with the best Education in the world.
  • Promote core human values, practices through academic and socially relevant programmes.
  • To provide a global platform.
  • To prepare our students for competitive examination like JEE, NEET, NDA & NTSE.
  • To secure the future of our students with career vision Super 20 Batch.


The vision of MBD International School is to inspire our students to be Happy, cheerful, motivated and passionate about themselves and their dreams. We want to instil a feeling of confidence, empowerment and self - love in everyone. We visualise a content society within Saffron who turn out to be benevolent and beneficial to our society and eventually become exemplary human beings and leaders of Tomorrow. MBD International School aims to be recognised as a Leader to inspire the coming generations.